In the Footsteps of Frederic Church: Photos by Larry Lederman

5720 State Route 9G
Hudson, New York
GPS: Latitude: 42-12′58” N
Longitude: 073-49′35” W

This show will be open from June 6th through October 31st.

I took these photographs in order to evoke Frederic Church’s artistic vision and explore his art. This is the fourth year of this project, undertaken at the invitation of the Olana Partnership. The sites photographed include, Mount Desert Island, Maine; Newfoundland; Niagara Falls, Olana and Rome. The photographs chosen are a representative selection of the range of Church’s subject matter. Some of these photographs and others taken as part of the project are included in the Olana Partnership’s calendar for 2011.

The photographs confirm that many of the wilderness enclaves Church painted still exist, preserved as part of our heritage because of the
beauty that he and the other nineteenth century landscape painters captured. Church chose to paint wilderness to reflect the eternal. He shows wilderness as essential to nature, but reflects inevitable change. The photographs, in their ability to stop time and telescope distance
show aspects that Church could not see, but they affirm his faithfulness to nature. What he saw as eternal still resonates with us, despite the changes that time and industrial development have wrought. And we, like Church, have come to recognize the fragility of our environment.

The grandeur of nature and awe for it are what he brought to us to stir our souls. His paintings still do. The photographs are meant to do the same.

The Presence Of Trees: An Exhibition Of Photographs By Larry Lederman

OCTOBER 17, 2009–APRIL 11, 2010

The presence or absence of trees often defines a landscape. In art, forests signify wilderness and clearing, its loss. The trees in these photographs are in the so-called cleared places, nurtured to be part of our lives. Growing either alone or one in relation to others, they respond to the seasons, invest the landscape with their permanence and character, and connect us to nature.They influence our moods, affect our behavior, and shape our lives.These photographs view trees as expressive presences evocative of the diversity and wonder of life.

—Larry Lederman